Pastoral care is the love and care we show to every individual in our College community.


At St Paul's we pride ourselves on our Pastoral Care. The gospel values of respect, acceptance, understanding, compassion, love and tolerance underpin all dimensions of College life. We pride ourselves on creating a family environment in our College, where each child has the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging, which in turn will allow them to thrive.

Student wellbeing is at the centre of all that we do and students are supported by our caring and compassionate staff. Mother Teresa once said, "spread love everywhere you go" - the staff at St Paul's aspire to live out these words.

Pastoral care permeates every interaction at the College. We take great pride in our staff's ability to restore relationships when issues arise.


St Paul's has a Pastoral Care group structure which has been designed with student interaction at its heart. A vital component of this structure is the peer support which develops within each group. Peer support helps to nurture the social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of each student.

Senior students are given the opportunity to mentor younger students as well as model positive behaviour, attitudes and values. Pastoral Care time involves students helping other students in a caring environment.