Our first alumni spotlight is focused on Lachy Townsend, currently working as the Chief Customer Officer at Coastline Credit Union. Lachy's graduated from St Paul's in 2013 and his fondest memory of the College is enjoying the school discos that were held in the old school hall. Thank you for sharing your story with us!



Our second alumni spotlight is focused on Matthew Scott, currently working as an Assistant Principal at Kempsey South Public School. Matthew graduated from St Paul's in 2007 and his fondest memories of the College include the retreats, school discos, handball competitions, Mr Brown's art lessons and Mr Scotty Edwards' PE classes. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

If you are a past student of St Paul's College or know someone who is, please fill in this short questionnaire or share the link. We would love to hear your post-school story!


Calling All Past Students

St Paul's College history spans close on 60 years and is blessed with exceptionally talented students. If you are a former student, we would love to hear about your post-school journey! We are looking for authentic, real life stories from ALL career paths to share with our students.You do not need to be a Prime Minister or an Olympian to inspire our students!

Our ex-students can be business owners, tradespeople, sportspeople, self-employed, entrepreneurs, professionals and more. All stories encourage our students to see what life can offer after high school.

If you would like your story to be shared with St Paul's students and community, please complete this short questionnaire.