With Christ as our light, in the spirit of blessed Edmund Rice and Catherine McAuley, through education, service and compassion, we aim to bring to life God’s Kingdom on earth.

St Paul’s College was founded upon the Gospel teachings of respect, equality, justice and peace, and incorporates a pastoral care system, which exists within a Catholic environment and ethos. We acknowledge that parents are the prime educators of their children, and recognise that we work in partnership with families to promote the development, learning and self-esteem of our students.

We actively promote the development of the whole person, recognising the worth of each student and allowing them to aim for personal excellence in a safe and supportive environment. Students are encouraged to develop a responsible attitude and desire to learn. We emphasise leadership, responsibility, service and the dignity of the individual.

St Paul’s College fosters the Catholic tradition of active involvement in the wider community. We promote celebrations which develop our sense of identity, sense of belonging and culture.

We believe that students graduating from St Paul’s will possess a strong sense of hope, resilience, sound values, generosity of spirit and an awareness of the importance of responsibility within their community and in relationships with others.

We value:

  • The Catholic, Christian environment in which the teachings of Christ and Gospel values are embedded.
  • Liturgy and prayer as essential elements of our College life.
  • The dignity of the human person.
  • Partnerships between Diocesan, Parish and school communities in all aspects of student life.
  • The involvement of parents in the College community, recognising their role as prime educators.
  • The pursuit of educational and personal excellence in all aspects of life.
  • High quality teaching and high quality learning.
  • A sense of school spirit and identity as a community.
  • Structures that provide the greatest flexibility to cater for the needs of individual students.
  • A positive environment which emphasises Pastoral Care.