Fifteen outstanding young leaders have been named as the 2023 St Paul's College leaders.


College Captains
Olivia Dunbar and Isaac Gorline-Singleman are the 2023 College Captains.

College Leaders
Four College Leaders were elected to be positive influences and to effect change in the College.  Brooke Daniels will focus on the College Mission.  Harry Askew will focus on improving sport and well-being opportunities for students while Lawson Moffitt will look at opportunities to improve the physical environment.  Tayla Hiscock’s portfolio of 'Community' will see her promoting better mental health and building community among staff and students.

Student Voice Leaders
Student Voice Leaders will be responsible for enhancing the experience of the new Year 7 group as they begin their journey with St Paul's in 2023.  The Student Voice Leaders are Jasmine Callaway, Hunta Crilley, Jade Maclean, Shelby Mitchell and Justin Groundwater.

House Spirit Leaders
The House Spirit Leaders are responsible for working with the House Coordinators in promoting engagement in all school activities including swimming, the Athletics Carnival, Cross Country and charity work.  The elected House Spirit Leaders are Breanca Martin (Farrelly), Max Farrell (Edmund) Coen Rogers (MacKillop) and Nicholas Kenny (McAuley).

Reconciliation and Inclusion Group
St Paul’s College's Reconciliation and Inclusion Group meet and discuss matters directly related to reconciliation and inclusion in our College Community, and the wider community of Kempsey and the Nambucca Valley. The group promotes respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage whilst recognising that all people have the right to be admired and appreciated as valuable members of the community.