Religious Education

Religious instruction at St Paul’s encompasses more than simply a curriculum program.  Religious Instruction permeates St Paul’s College, where students are provided with both experiences in faith and an academic curriculum.


Religious Education is taught to the same academic standards as all other courses in the school.

In Years 7-10, the Religious Instruction course is called Catholic Studies and is a Board of Studies Endorsed Course, which appears on the Record of School Achievement (RoSA). This program is sequential in that each year builds on the previous year’s learning. Topics covered include Church history, the life of Jesus, Mary and the Saints, the Church’s feasts and seasons,sacraments and social justice.

In Years 11 and 12 the academic course for Religious Instruction is ‘Studies of Religion’, a Board Developed Course which can be studied as either a one or two unit course. Both Studies of Religion 1 unit and Studies of Religion 2 unit courses are Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) eligible courses.

Students are provided with faith experiences when we celebrate our liturgies and masses. The students participate in full College masses on a regular basis and perform various ministries at Sunday mass. In school we celebrate full school liturgies for the main feasts of the year, including Ash Wednesday and Easter. Prayer, Christian meditation and reconciliation services are celebrated in class and Pastoral Care groups.

Prayer forms a central focus for the school with Pastoral Care commencing each day with prayer. A further provision for personal faith experiences occurs during the compulsory Reflection days and Retreats, which take place in each of the year levels every year.