School Newsletter

All parents are warmly invited to attend the upcoming Parent Assembly Conference to be held on Saturday 15 June at Opal Cove where we'll delve into the theme "Your Child Our Schools: Nurturing Hearts and Minds." Discover valuable insights and strategies to support your child's holistic development. Register soon at this link as places fill quickly.

St Paul's 545 Reading Challenge
Our first draw in our 545 monthly Reading Challenge has taken place and we had 17 students enter in addition to those who registered for the Premier’s Reading Challenge. The winners of the two canteen vouchers were Soraya Drayton and Luana Silk. Students have already been emailed the April entry form so please feel free to encourage your child, if they have read a book of any description, size or genre, to enter in the draw and win!


Easter Promotion Winners 

Tylah Rixon was the lucky bunny who got to take home our giant chocolate Easter bunny. Other winners included; Indy George, Stella Hudson, Remi Fairhurst, Annalise Turley-Collins, Tommie Parkinson-Davis and Samuel Baywood. We had over 50 entries in this challenge so I think we can agree, like our bunny, it was a giant success. Hopefully staff and students may be a bit more knowledgeable about all things Library as well after participating.

Holiday e-reads 
Students have a great choice of some awesome holiday reads in either paperback or digital copies. To view what is available you can visit our library website HERE or SORA our ebook library.

Don’t forget any overdues from previous years need to be returned so their replacement cost is not debited from your account at the end of this Term.

Wishing you all a very restful holiday break - a great opportunity to read!

Kind Regards

Ms Karen Irvine, Mrs Cathy Whalen and Mrs Patrice Martin - Library Technicians

Please see below for the scheduled activities during April at the West Kempsey Community Hub.


The Macleay Youth Laneway Festival is taking place in Kempsey on Saturday 13 April from 2-6 pm. Join in for some electrifying street performances and a free Hip Hop Breakdance beginners workshop by renowned acrobatic breakdance performer, BBoy iLLWiLL.

About the Workshop: This 30 minute Hip Hop Breakdance workshop is tailored for beginners, providing an excellent opportunity for students to learn the fundamentals of breakdancing from a seasoned professional.

Registration: Young people can register for the workshop through this link

About BBOY iLLWiLL: Hailing from the Bronx, the birthplace of hip hop, BBoy iLLWiLL's journey began in 1995 at the local community center 'The Point' under the mentorship of the legendary bboy 'Crazy Legs'. Since then, he has dazzled audiences worldwide with his dynamic performances, starting his career at the age of 12 on the streets of New York City. With over 20 years of experience, he continues to inspire and entertain with his passion for hip hop culture.

St Paul's came together to celebrate twice over the Easter period. On Holy Thursday we remembered the steps Jesus took to calvary and his sacrifice for us. The moving liturgy involved over 40 staff and students helping with prayers, readings, music, having their feet washed and leading the community in the Stations of the Cross.

On Tuesday thos week we celebrated Christ's resurrection and triumph over death. Once again students and staff participated in various roles during the liturgy. It was a wonderful chance to come together as a College community and reflect on the events of Holy Week and Easter.

A massive thank you must be said to all those who were involved in the liturgies and to Fr James for his support and presence in leading us through the celebrations.

Miss Olivia Eberhaut - Youth Officer

P & F donation to CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts)
The P & F generously donated $5000 to the CAPA equipment upgrades towards the end of 2023 and this has been a wonderful support for the faculty. A range of areas within the Music programs have benefitted from these funds, including:

  • The installation and tuning of the Grand Piano in the Edmund Rice Centre. This included the hiring of Tony Price (one of the leading piano tuners in NSW) and the purchase of a piano dolly to aid in movement and support of the Grand Piano. The piano dolly allowed the piano to be moved from stage to stage without damage and was incredibly helpful during the recent CAPA HSC Showcase and the Music 1 performance examinations.
  • The Music department also purchased a new class set of nylon string guitars, several good quality acoustic guitars, new amps, 2 new drum kits to replace the 23 year old Yamaha, and 3 digital pianos, stands and stools.
  • Every practice room now has a piano and the students have good quality instruments to practice performances for College functions.


All parents/carers and friends of the College are warmly invited to attend the P & F meeting on Monday 8 April in the staff lunchroom at 5:30pm.



St Paul's Agriculture Team have been working hard preparing for the upcoming Kempsey and Macksville Shows. We wish you all the best of luck!


A group of Year 11 and Year 12 St Paul's students attended the UNSW Regional Outreach Roadshow at the College. The UNSW outreach program provides students with academic enrichment opportunities that enhance school-based learning and increase preparedness for and success in higher education. Thanks to the current UNSW students who co-facilitated the session.


A group of Year 10 St Paul's students attended the 'Boys and Girls Can Too' TAFE initiative in Port Macquarie. The Boys and Girls Can Too TAFE initiative encourages students to consider courses that are usually greater than 50% subscribed by the opposite gender and encourage students to follow their interests rather than career stereotypes. The boys were shown options of Health Care, Child Care, Graphic Design and Hairdressing while the girls were introduced to Welding, Construction, Electrotechnology and Horticulture. Thanks to Ms Meehan and Mr Shipton for accompanying the students.


Students from St Paul’s Year 11 Catholic Faith in Action classes have been attending Vincent Court for half an hour every Wednesday morning throughout Term 1. The purpose of these visits has been to affirm the human dignity of the residents and to help our students and staff appreciate the value of their own lives. Also, to satisfy the requirements of their first assessment task in this course, students have prepared a written biography of a Vincent Court resident. These biographies are now being marked and reveiwed by the classroom teachers, Mr Tamblyn and Mr Goswell.

The behaviour of our students has been outstanding from the beginning. They have shown excellent courage and social skills to build relationships with the residents. Staff, students and residents look forward to every visit, as conversations from the previous weeks continue and strengthen. A typical visit now sees residents sharing their wisdom and stories with the students, who listen intently. Our students have shown mature conversation skills and some have even presented impromptu piano and dance performances!

As soon as the written biographies have been assessed, they will be collated into a booklet for publishing and distribution to Vincent Court. We will also keep a copy in the College library.

On behalf of St Paul’s, we extend our gratitude and appreciation to the staff and residents of Vincent Court. You have added extra joy and meaning to the lives of our Catholic Faith in Action students and staff.

God Bless.



Mr Brendan Goswell - Leader of Catechesis

Respectful Relationships - Student Voice

How to be a positive upstander and support other students in your school.
The best relationships are respectful ones! So, what does this mean?

Respectful relationships:

  • The heart of respectful relationships is the word RESPECT.
  • When we respect someone we automatically accept them as EQUALS – regardless of gender, religious belief, disability, cultural background, sexual identity and age.
  • Equality means everyone has the same RIGHTS and access to OPPORTUNITIES.
  • It’s every person’s responsibility to promote respectful relationships.

Bystanders and Upstanders
What’s the difference? When someone is being bullied or harassed you can be:

  • A bystander who sees or knows that bullying or other forms of violence is happening.
  • An upstander, or supportive bystander, who takes action to stop the bullying.
    You may wish to watch the video below with your child on practical ways to prevent bullying. 

What can you do to create a safe, inclusive and respectful school environment?

Step 1- Include everyone regardless of their religion, where they come from, how they look, their gender etc.
Step 2 - Get to know yourself and what makes you unique so you can develop positive friendships with others and value their uniqueness.
Step 3 - Call out gender stereotyping when you see or hear it.
Step 4 - Do not ignore bullying and violence. Be a positive upstander and speak out against discrimination.

Clear Minds, Healthy Lives: Choose Vape Free
Health Impacts of Vaping

With the increasing prevalence of vaping in society, a growing body of research and information has emerged, shedding light on the effects and health impacts associated with this practice.

The Cancer Institute of NSW has released a campaign that has been based on new evidence about the harms of vaping. Watch this 15 second video to hear from experts about the impacts. The video below of young people who have experienced some of the negative effects of using e-cigarettes might be helpful to watch with your child.

Ms Fiona Stuart
 - Leader of Pastoral Care

College Cross Country
Students participated in the annual College Cross Country last week which was held at Verge Street cinder track this year, due to the recent rains.

Congratulations to all students who attended and ran on the day. The top six students (listed below) are all eligible to attend the Diocesan Cross Country event on Friday 17 May at Grafton. 

Please be aware that we will sending out a Google form for nominations for Diocesan Cross Country, please ensure that your child checks their emails and Compass notifications carefully so that they do not miss this opportunity. 


Open Boys Soccer Report 

The Open Boy’s Soccer team played four hours of football on Tuesday in the hot sun. Their first game was against St Joseph's Regional College. St Paul's dominated the first half but Regional fought back in the second half and levelled the score at 1-1 with the last kick of the game.

The second game was against St John Paul College, Coffs Harbour. This was a close match with St John Paul College winning 3-1. St Paul's rotated their players for the next match against MacKillop College and were down 3-0 at half time. The students fought back to 3-2 and nearly levelled the result, through goals by Jayden Swaine. It was very pleasing to see the boys dig deep and play with tenacity till the end of the game. 

The last match of the day was against Newman College where St Paul's played well to achieve an easy win of 5-1.

Jack Bool was a stand out in goalkeeping, saving two penalties and making remarkable saves all day. We wish him all the best when he plays for the Australian U19 side in Germany in June. Julien Ardetti and Jayden Swaine looked dangerous up front. Jai Goodman and Louis Jurak were dominant in the midfield. Blake Bullen and Bryce Rixon were standouts at the back. I would like to thank all of the boys for their level of commitment and we wish St John Paul College all the best as they progress to the knock out phase of the CCC competition this year.

Mr Conrad Tamblyn - Coach


Open Girls Soccer Report
Congratulations to the St Paul's Opens Girls Soccer Team for their performance at the Lismore Diocesan Opens Soccer gala day on Tuedsay 2 April.

It was a super tough day battling with the heat and tired legs. The girls played 3 games, totaling 3 hours of football. They started strong in the first game against St John Paul College and scored an early goal. Unfortunately, the opposition came back stronger and we took our first loss. Despite the conditions, the girls pushed through the second game against St Joseph's Regional College. Although we didn't win, the girls put up a good fight and made it difficult for the opposition.

The last game was the toughest, against the undefeated Mackillop College. Again, they put up a good fight, mustering any strength they had left. Ensuring we had fun in the process, Mackillop was far too strong and continued their undefeated streak.

All the girls should be proud of their efforts and enthusiasm, and are to be commended on their attitude and performance. Thank you to Mr Heath Needs who organised the day and we extend our thanks to Lucas and Cooper who were volunteer linesmen throughout the entire day.

Ms Shannon Thomas - Coach

Ride the wave surf competition

Day One of the Ride the Wave schools team event was held at Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie with small clean conditions. The boys team included Sonny Cox, Fonzie Fafie and Manoa Galli who started strongly, all catching waves in time to secure 5 bonus points which placed them second in their round 1 heat, which put them straight into the semifinals. The girls progressed straight into a semifinal where they had to persevere with only two surfers. Taylah Moffitt took the challenge on and surfed twice and got back to the beach just in time to secure bonus points to secure forth position and a spot in the final. Fonzie, Manoa and Harrison Moffitt, started their semifinal well but with tricky conditions with the third surfer only given 5 minutes to paddle out catch a wave and make it back to the beach. He was unsuccessful which resulted in the boys finishing the teams event that day.

Day Two was held in micro conditions at Town Beach, Port Macquarie. The day started with the girls final. It was a perfect start with Chelsea Darling paddling out, straight into the first wave scoring a 7.9 within the first 3 minutes of the final. This put the pressure on the other teams, as we sent our second surfer Lily Farrell out. The next 10 minutes of the heat went flat which resulted in all the teams opting to take low scoring waves. Taylah Moffitt, our 3rd surfer, needed at least a 3.65 and an early run to the beach to secure 5 extra bonus points and this is exactly what she did, crowning Chelsea, Lily and Taylah the inaugural Ride the Wave Schools Team title by .05. The girls followed this with some impressive surfing in the Girls Expression Session, in particular Chelsea scoring a 9.25 and only to beaten in the last 5 minutes for an individual title.

The Boys Expression Session saw our boys in a very competitive line up where all 5 boys, Fonzie Fafie, Ned Gadsden, Manoa Galli, Harrison Moffitt and Sonny Cox showcased their skills in tricky small conditions.

Congratulations to all our surfers and a special thanks to the supportive parents that assisted and supported our team on both days. We look forward to next year!

- Mrs Di Mascord




NSWCCC Swimming Championships
Congratulations to St Paul's students, Cleo Schubert, Keeley Smith, Chelsea Stringer and Tessa Elsley for winning gold in the girls intermediate relay team at the NSWCCC Swimming Championships held in Sydney.


Mr Heath Needs
- Teacher and Sports Coordinator

How does the St Paul’s community live out their faith in our local Parish?
Our wonderful Year 7 Catholic Studies cohort are currently completing the driving question asked as the heading of this article: “How does the St Paul’s community live out their faith in our local Parish?” During this study our students are asked what activities/initiatives our College is involved with that helps our local Parish? As a prompter, all students are provided with some of the local community initiatives that our College supports, including the Project Compassion Caritas Lenten Appeal, St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal, St Vincent De Paul Christmas Hamper Drive, the St Paul’s Clean Team and the St Paul’s Green Team.

In terms of the St Paul’s Clean team and Green team, there is great work being done. The St Paul’s Clean Team was instigated in 2022 as an opportunity for students at the College to work within the Macleay Valley Catholic Parish roster of parishioners reducing costs for the church by helping clean All Saints Catholic Church, Kempsey. We have had three inspiring leaders of this team during those years; Evie Barton in 2022, Chloe Donnelly in 2023 and Leah Quinn in 2024. The leaders assemble different students to visit the church during our rostered slot and thoroughly clean the pews and carpets prior to the weekend Masses. It is a great privilege to be serving the Parish with this opportunity and I have seen first hand the great respect and regard for our beautiful church supported by these students.

The St Paul’s Green Team was also instigated in 2022 with the assistance of Ms Kristy Carney, where a range of students have helped nurture gardens and College areas under the leadership of Mr Damien Tammjarv during 2022-2023. We have been very fortunate to secure the leadership of Mr Ben De Wit and his team in 2024, including Sam Cutler, Jarrah Rich, Ollie Haydon, Cooper Rowsell and Isaac Weston. Ben and his students have been visiting some local parishioners and completing their lawn mowing and maintenance, showing great respect and expertise. They have another project lined up this Term with the re-painting of the front fence of Peter Scott, a wonderful supporter of our College, who coincidently played a major role in the establishment of the front oval at St Paul’s during it’s early years.

St Paul's is always looking to help out our local Parish community and any Clean Team or Green Team enquiries should be forwarded to myself at the College.

Mr Geoffrey Melville
 - Assistant Principal - Mission and Wellbeing

Parent/Teacher Interviews
Parent_interviews.pngThank you to the huge number of parents who came to our Parent Teacher evening last week at the College. It was wonderful to see so many faces and hear such valuable feedback. A partnership between the College and home is critical in the educational process and we appreciate the support of all of our parent community.

Year 11 and 12 Assessment Feedback
The senior students will be receiving their assessment results over the coming weeks. This is a perfect opportunity for you to reflect with your children on how they are going in their senior studies and what their next steps will be towards improvement. The teachers will be providing them with valuable feedback throughout this process and it is critical that the students are taking this feedback onboard to continually grow in their HSC years.

The World of Work at St Paul’s
Careers.pngWe are lucky to have a new careers advisor this year, Ms Tess Meehan, who is doing a smashing job at providing our students with so many opportunities. There is now a great opportunity for you to engage with your children through the Careers Google Classroom - students have been provided a log in for this. There are webinars for the UAC application processes, early entry applications, university open days and career pathway quizzes. This is a valuable resource for students and families when navigating their post school options. The classroom is updated weekly and provides opportunities for students to access advice. Encourage your children to speak to Ms Tess Meehan about their careers pathways.

Please reach out if you have any questions about the learning for your students.

Ms Kate Fullbrook - Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching

Dear Parent/Carer 

Thomas answered and said to him, "My Lord and my God!" Jesus said to him, "Have you come to believe because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed."
John 20: 19-31

Welcome to our last newsletter for the Term and hope that preparations have been made for a well deserved break shared with family and friends as our holiday period approaches. I note that we have concluded our Lenten journey with Holy Week and the Easter long weekend. I trust that this time was an opportunity for reflection, and a further valuing of the divine that exists within all who we encounter in our lives. It is a time for renewal, for a reboot and a continued emphasis on the message of Christ and how that is reflected in all we say and all we do. May this year continue to unfold for you all with a continued strong foundation built in the knowledge that God loves and cares for us all deeply. 

It has certainly been a busy Term with a strong focus on Literacy in the College, as reflected in not only teaching approaches, but also in assessment tasks. Our NAPLAN testing took place across this Term and it is hoped that the results received will further inform us of where our students are currently placed within Literacy and Numeracy and how we may be able to continue to resource this critical area of academic growth. 

We have continued to emphasise the value in consistent attendance from all our students throughout this Term. While this has certainly improved, I invite families to support this by trying where possible to schedule appointments and related family activities outside of school time. I am aware that this is not always possible, however the impact of student absence, even partial absence, can impede academic progress. I would also encourage families to provide as much notice as possible when collecting their children from school. It can be quite time consuming and a distraction for classes when planned absences are not communicated to the College until the last minute.  

I am happy to say that expectations regarding hair styles, jewellery and uniform are well supported by our students and most are keeping to the Mobile Phone Policy - which is tremendous. I thank families for supporting us around such expectations as backing from home helps us enormously.

I thank our Cattle/Agriculture Team who have worked tirelessly to prepare and attend the various shows across our region. We always perform well at such events which emphasises the consistent work from our students and the amazing support of their families and our College staff - well led by Mr Graham Bramley. The way this team represents our College is inspiring and sets a high standard for us all. 

Wishing you all a safe weekend and a most positive last week of Term. I invite our College community to finish strong and be rewarded with a well deserved break. 

Kind regards

Mr David JOHNS
  B.Ed., Cert. Gifted Ed., Grad. Cert. Adol. Health and Welfare, M.Ed. (Ed Lead), M.Ed. (Theol) 


Our College's Child Protection Policy and Concerns Complaints & Grievance Policy are located on the College website.

Please be assured that all volunteers and staff members hold a current Working with Children Check and are regularly in-serviced regarding Duty of Care and Mandatory Reporting requirements.

All employees of St Paul's College, under the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998, are mandatory reporters. We are mandated to provide the following for students in our care: to provide an environment for them that is free of violence and exploitation and provide services that foster their health, development needs, spirituality, self-respect and dignity.

St Paul's College is proud to support The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

This global framework provides young Australians with the opportunity to achieve an internationally recognised certificate, through doing the things they love. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and earn rightful recognition of the extra-curricular activities so many students are already doing. Students create their own goals and throughout the year complete 4 main sections:

  • Skills - unleash talents, broaden abilities and interests.
  • Voluntary Service - Connect with the community and provide service to others.
  • Physical Recreation - Improve physical fitness and wellbeing by getting active.
  • Adventurous Journey - Team building inspired through adventure, building resilience and teamwork skills along the way.

Families can access more information about The Award through this website and are encouraged to complete the "Getting Started" form for more information. Alternatively, you're welcome to contact the Award Leader, Ms Beth Rennes directly,



Congratulations to Year 12 student, Phoebe Laws, who has been selected as one of 14 players to represent Australia in the under 17 India Cricket Tour. Phoebe leaves on Saturday 13 April for the 12 day tour where she will play a series of one-day and T20 format games in addition to training with the Indian Development Squads. We wish you the best of luck Phoebe!