Technology requirements

Mandatory device & BYOD policy

Year 7 2021

From 2021, Year 7 students will have a ONE mandatory Chromebook device. The exact model, purchasing method and pricing is yet to be confirmed as we are waiting on suppliers. In the interim, if your child is entering Year 7 in 2021, please DO NOT purchase a device. This information will be updated shortly and all details will be shared as soon as possible. 

 Year 8-12 2021

For students in Year 8 to Year 12 in 2021, the same BYOD policy from previous years will remain in place. Please see the device recommendation list for a brief description of the types of suitable devices. In terms of purchasing you have a variety of options. You may wish to purchase through our College portal, which is currently being finalised, OR purchase a suitable device from another retailer such as JB HiFi. 

 Device Recommendation List (Year 8-12 2021)


All devices must meet these basic requirements:

  • Internet access- email, web browsing
  • Accessibility- student devices are to be present and charged for each day, for daily use
  • Minimum screen size of 10.7”
  • Appropriate protection against physical damage- cases

Also consider accessories based on the needs of your child:

  • Mice
  • Chargers
  • Detachable keyboard and stylus/Apple Pencil for iPads
  • Antivirus software
  • Headphones
  • Maintenance, warranties and accidental damage protection 

Provided applications

The College uses Google For Education which enables each student access to their own school email, unlimited cloud storage via Google Drive and numerous other word processing and document creation tools. Also, each student has access to a free Office 365 account, a web based version of the widely used Office suite.