Technology Requirements

Device & BYOD Policy

Year 7 and Year 8 2022

Students will have ONE mandatory Chromebook device as previously arranged with families of enrolled students. 

Any further questions please feel free to contact the College on 6562 7200 or kmps@lism.catholic.edu.au

Year 9-12 2022

The same BYOD policy from previous years will remain in place.  iPads, laptops and other devices that meet the following minimum requirements are accepted:

  • Internet access- email, web browsing
  • Accessibility - student devices are to be present and charged for each day, for daily use
  • Minimum screen size of 10.7”
  • Appropriate protection against physical damage - cases

If you wish to purchase a new device, we encourage you to contact the College regarding the recommended Chromebook device:

IT Agreement

In order for your child to use our network and access the Internet whilst attending our College we need you to complete a digital 'Acceptable Use Policy' form.  This form requires you to submit online both your child's and your name, as evidence of your acceptance of the terms and conditions of our ICT policy.  These details will then be automatically recorded on a spreadsheet and become the official record of your agreement.  If you do not have Internet access, we can arrange for a device for you to complete the form at the College or supply you with a hard copy to complete.

Please select the following link to complete the online IT Agreement Acceptable Use Policy Form Link