Contacting staff members

The College very much values the partnership between parents and staff and welcomes contact from parents and caregivers. 

Parents have various communication avenues when the need arises to contact the College.

Individual staff email addresses are available from the College Office:

Phone: 6562 7200

Email: kmps@lism.catholic.edu.au

Year and House Coordinators:

Year 7 - Ms Emma Tamblyn

Year 12 - Mr David Johns

McKillop - Mr Aidhan Fahey

McAuley - Ms Kate Anderson

Edmund - Mr Matt Wilson

Farrelly - Mr Adam Mascord


Leader of Pastoral Care - Mr Leon Robinson

Leader of Inclusion & Diversity - Mrs Kristy Carney

Leader of Innovation & the World of Work - Mr Lee Hancock

Leader of Curriculum - Mrs Amy Tovey

Leader of Pedagogy - Ms Maria Littlejohn

Leader of Catechesis - Ms Fiona Stuart

Leader of Evangelisation - Mr Will Pollock

Senior Executive:

Assistant Principal - Mission & Wellbeing - Mrs Bronwyn Shipton

Assistant Principal - Learning & Teaching - Mr Geoff Melville

Principal - Mr David Johns