Parents and Friends (P&F)

Every St Paul’s College parent is a member of the P&F which aims to unite and engage the College community to enhance the success of students.

All parents are invited to attend the P&F Committee meetings which are held at the College every second Wednesday of the month commencing at 5.30pm. The Committee is elected at the AGM.

2021 P&F Committee Members

    • President - Jodie O'Loughlin
    • Vice President - Sarah Osborne
    • Vice President - Angela Bramley
    • Treasurer - Kylie O'Donnell
    • Secretary - Deanna Peters
    • Assistant Secretary - Jodene Barnett

The P&F Constitution can be viewed/downloaded St_Paul_s_P_F_Constitution_2020.pdf

The Committee is committed to achieving great outcomes for our students and is looking forward (post COVID) to the active participation of many parents and carers.

Please contact the P&F Committee by emailing kmps@lism.catholic.edu.au

Pictured are the 2021 Committee Members (from left):
Jodene Barnett (Assistant Secretary), Sarah Osborne (Vice President). Deanna Peters(Secretary), David Johns (Principal) Fr James Foster (Parish Priest) , Jodie O'Loughlin (President), Kylie O'Donnell (Treasurer), Angela Bramley (Vice President).