Parent Teacher Meet and Greet - 10 March 2021

Year 7-12 Meet and Greet, Term 1 2021

We have organised a Parent Teacher Meet and Greet for parents/carers of students in Years 7 to 12 on Wednesday 10 March 2021. This evening allows you the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress or to inform us of any relevant information that would assist in their care and education. We believe it is essential all parents have the opportunity to speak with their children’s teachers.

Where: Edmund Rice Centre, St Paul’s College.

Time: 4.00pm to 6:30pm

Duration: Each interview is to last up to 6 minutes. It is important to keep to this time in order to maintain the flow of the evening. Mr Johns will be speaking specifically to Year 7 parents at approximately 6.30pm as a welcome to the College.

Teachers who want to see you:
Where a teacher particularly wishes to see you to discuss your child’s progress, a letter will be sent home indicating this to you. If this occurs, we request you please make an appointment time to see the requesting teacher.

Teachers you would like to see:
Interview appointments are made electronically. To make appointments please go the ‘School Interviews’ web site: www.schoolinterviews.com.au and use the specific event code vwk8p: in order to choose the teachers and times that you want. Parents without internet access can contact the College office, where our staff will make the online booking for you.

To make a booking

Web Site: www.schoolinterviews.com.au

Event code: vwk8p

The P&F will be selling sausage sandwiches and drinks on the night and a coffee shop will be operating at the hall selling Barista coffees.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Geoff Melville

Assistant Principal – Learning & Teaching

Parent Teacher Nights and Reports

Students in Years 7-10 are issued with Plain English reports at the end of each Semester.

Near the end of Term 1, and mid Term 3 there will be formal Parent/Teacher Nights to discuss your child’s progress.

Senior students receive the following reports:

Preliminary Year                                                                                 
Mid-term 1 - Parent/Teacher Night                                                            
End of Term 1 - Full Report                                                                     
Mid-term 3 - Parent/Teacher Night                                                          
Early Term 4 - Full Report  

HSC Year 
Mid-term 1 Parent/Teacher Night
Early Term 2 - Full report
Mid Term 3 - Parent/Teacher Night
End of Term 3 - Full Report

Parent/Teacher interviews will take place in Term 1 and in Term 3 after the issuing of the Semester One Reports to Years 7-11. The report issued at the end of Term 4 to Years 7-11 is given to parents at the conclusion of the end-of-year Presentation Ceremony.

Parent/Teacher interviews at St Paul's are booked via schoolinterviews.com.au which is an online booking system.  Parents who do not have internet access are asked to contact the college reception and arrangements will be made to complete the Parent/Teacher interview. 

Where parents are concerned about the student’s progress, arrangements should be made for an interview with the Pastoral Co-ordinator, class teacher or appropriate Leaders of Learning in order to discuss the concerns.