St Paul’s College welcomes opportunities to work with parents in educating their child.  The partnership between parents and the College is crucial to ensuring that each student has the best opportunity to enjoy our College experience and to learn effectively.  This Parent section of our website contains a wealth of information to assist you as you interact with the College.  Please see our dropdown menu item for details about the Uniform, Canteen, Technology requirements and policies.

Parents have various communication avenues when the need arises to contact the College:

College Newsletter
The College newsletter is sent home fortnightly on Fridays and is also available through the school website. The newsletter is also available via the Schoolzine app: https://www.schoolzine.com/szapp-installation.   If requested the newsletter is also emailed to parents.

The College newsletter is an important means of communication between the College and home. It contains information from the different faculties and offices in the College, as well as upcoming events, notices and activities in which the students have been involved.

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Student Progress
Parent or guardian enquiries about a student’s general progress are best directed to the Pastoral Care group teacher or the relevant Year Group Pastoral Co-ordinator. Enquiries regarding specific subject areas should be directed to the student’s class teacher or the relevant Leader of Learning. Student welfare concerns are best directed to the appropriate Pastoral Co-ordinator or the Assistant Principal, Mission and Wellbeing.

Pastoral Coordinator
The Pastoral Co-ordinator is responsible for all students in a particular year group. Areas of concern of a more serious nature may be addressed to the appropriate Pastoral Co-ordinator.  The Leader of Welfare and Pastoral Care, Assistant Principal and Principal are available to see parents if it is judged that this is more appropriate on any occasion.