Four outstanding young people have been elected as St Paul's College Captains for 2021. Phoebe Bramley, Emily Brenton, Patrick Cotter and Jye Woodger were elected in November 2020 following a process that involved the whole student body and staff. 


Phoebe Bramley
Phoebe said since the election students notice her more often and that she is growing in confidence.

“College captain to me is not just a badge or a title, but a great privilege to serve St Paul's College and make a positive impact on our school community,” said Phoebe.

Phoebe said she believes that being leader is about serving the College community and treating others equally.

“I love this school as it has opened many great opportunities for me”.

"I’ve also made many great friends through my involvement with sport, the agriculture team and my time as a ministry leader."

Phoebe said she promises to fulfil her role as College Captain and give it 100% of her efforts to represent the College community. 


Emily Brenton
Emily said she was very excited about being elected but said it was also a little scary to be a leader of the College. 

She said she throws herself into every opportunity the College offers, whether or not she is successful. 

While Emily admits that sport is definitely not her thing she excels at music and has a beautiful singing voice. 

“The overwhelming love and support from the people around me have encouraged me to continually immerse myself in College life,” said Emily.

“As a College leader, I will strive to ensure that each and every student’s abilities are brought out and utilised to their fullest potential.”


Patrick Cotter
Patrick, who is from South West Rocks, said he was nervous about starting school at St Paul’s in Year 7 and meeting so many new people. However, now he said he has made lifelong friends not only among the students but also the teachers who have given him so much encouragement.

He said he believes he was elected because of his easy-going, honest and laid back personality.

“I always try my best in all my subjects and as I’m planning to become an officer in the army after school, being College captain will certainly help me develop more leadership qualities.”

Patrick is heavily involved in the community outside of school.  He plays rugby for the Cannons, cricket for South West Rocks, participates in the Surf Patrol and rowing at Crescent Head as well as playing touch on a Wednesday night at Smithtown.

Jye_Woodger.jpegJye Woodger
Jye said he was proud and felt privileged to be elected as a College Captain.

“Representing St Paul’s College doesn’t just mean putting on the uniform and wearing it with pride. That’s the easy part. It also means adopting the Christian values of the College and living our motto of ‘​Let Your Light Shine’​, said Jye.

Jye said that many people in his life both inside and outside of school told him that he has leadership potential.

“Because they believe in me, I have been able to find a new level of confidence and through this confidence I have been able to improve my ability to lead.”

 Jye said that sport has helped him develop leadership skills. Through sport he said he has learned to respect both his opponents and teammates and how to work with others to achieve a common goal. 

While sport is important Jye said he is also dedicated to obtaining solid grades.